Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gridlock for President

Well, it's election day again and those that have read this blog and know me personally know I have some very strong opinions on politics. However, as I have been thinking about this election over the last few weeks (and receiving several calls from Sarah Palin and even one from Betty White about puppy mills), I've grown more and more annoyed at both parties. I find myself more than ever voting for the lesser of 2 evils, which is really sad. There seem to be so few good candidates out there and I am of the opinion that both parties are equally at fault for the mess this country is in. They spend all their time tearing their opponent down, but none of them will ever tell us what they want to do to fix things. My favorite ad was one for Roy Blunt running against Robin Carnahan in Missouri, which simply stated, "Robin Carnahan, she's wrong on every issue." Seriously, every issue? No one could be wrong on every issue.

Which brings me to my point. I don't want them to fix things. In fact, I don't want the government to do anything except to defend me and maintain my roads. Other than that I want them to leave all of us alone. I want them to stop spending so much of my money on ridiculous programs, lower our taxes, and let us live freely as our founding fathers intended when they drafted the Constitution. I want them to stop over taxing and regulating businesses so they can be free to expand and create jobs and stop bailing out the ones that are failing due to mismanagement. Every time the government tries to fix things, we end with with higher taxes and more debt. And even with that the problems never get fixed. I am more and more convinced that the vast majority of our elected officials are simply incompetent and incapable doing the job they were elected to do. The only solution they ever come up with is to tax the American people and spend more money, even if it has to be borrowed. Our elected officials are supposed to enact the will of the people, but they have forgotten that mandate and are only worried about pleasing those that line their wallets and keep them in office.

Therefore, my vote this year goes for gridlock. Let both parties fight all they want to in Washington (as entertainment it's good stuff). As long as neither party can push their agenda through, "we the people" will be left alone to pull ourselves out of this mess. Despite what the folks in Washington think, we are smart enough and more than capable of fixing these problems ourselves if we are allowed to keep the money we earn and spend it where it most benefits our local communities and businesses. We couldn't do much worse than they have.

So I say bring on the gridlock. The more the better. As long as they are all occupied with each other, they are leaving us alone.

As as the founding and sole member of Americans for Gridlock, I approve this blog.

God Bless,

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