Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Random Thoughts From a Busy July and August

Ahh, it feels good to write again. Sorry for neglecting my blog for the last few weeks. July turned out to be busier than expected. Every time I planned to sit down and write, something else came up or I was too tired. But that's life, I suppose. Not that my schedule is going to get any lighter with school starting next week, football in full swing for my son, Fall softball starting up for my oldest daughter, and dance class starting for my youngest daughter. College and Pro football are also starting and that always occupies much of my time, much to my wife's dismay. Between my son's obsession with football, both playing and watching, and my obsession with it, she is definitely a "football widow" from August to January. Not to mention that I do actually have work responsibilities as well. I wouldn't trade the busyness for anything though. I realize that someday all my children will be grown and there won't be any more games or dance recitals. Unless, of course, they all go pro and I can retire early and just spend my time traveling around to watch them. Now that would be sweet. Probably not likely, but a dad can dream can't he?

A lot has happened since I last blogged:

My wife and I just celebrated our 16th anniversary on August 7th (Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!!). It's amazing how quickly the last 16 years have gone. As we celebrated and reflected on our lives together, I was again reminded that there truly is no-one else I would want to spend my life with. The last 16 years have been wonderful. Sure there have been the usual good times and hard times, but we've always had each other, and most importantly God, through it all. I look forward to the next 60 or so. (I know that would make me 98, but you never know, people are living longer these days and I've had many relatives that lived into their 90's.)

To switch gears a little, this whole health care issue is really starting to concern me. (You knew I couldn't stay away from politics for a whole blog). I will probably write more about this in a separate blog in the near future, but this country is about to explode and this issue seems to be the spark lighting the fuse. Regardless of which side of the debate you are on, the division in this country has gone beyond debate and disagreement. There is real hatred on both sides. This is something we've not seen since the late sixties. A lot of it is probably the media blowing it out of proportion, but they do seem to be fanning the flames of the discontent that is already there. My two cents on healthcare: The system is obviously broken and in need of repair. However, I'm afraid the president's plan to fix it will only make matters worse and start us on a course from which we will not be able to reverse.

The president and his supporters want to take the country in a new direction (healthcare is just one component of the plan) and those of us that disagree with his policies are concerned that we won't recognize our country in 4 years. But instead of expressing our ideas in a reasoned manner it's turning into a name calling and shouting match, which will get us nowhere. While I believe his policies are harmful and will eventually bankrupt our country (financially and morally), I don't believe that he thinks they will. In other words, I believe that he really thinks his policies are the best course of action. Too many on the right have given in to conspiracy theories and paranoia, comparing Obama to Hitler and claiming he wants to destroy our country. This is obviously ridiculous and only makes the right look foolish. By the way, many on the left did the same thing to Bush and they looked just as foolish in my opinion. I believe most Americans are fairly moderate and lean to one side or the other. But we are allowing both parties to be hijacked and ruled by the extremists. This is a dangerous situation and the one's that will suffer the most are those of us closer to the middle. I pray that cooler heads would prevail and allow this debate to happen where both sides can be heard and a consensus reached. I know, I'm dreaming again.

Last week, my friends Dan and Rob from Speak Up Productions were in Kenya filming their documentary on world poverty, titled "Give A Damn?", when a small plane they were flying in to take aerial footage of the Kibera Slums crashed. Fortunately, Dan and Rob survived the crash. They had some serious injuries, but nothing life threatening. Unfortunately, the pilot, a local missionary, was killed in the crash. This is one of those difficult things that happen in life that are hard to understand and see the purpose in. But I do believe that God will use this tragedy somehow and in a greater way than their original vision for this project could have imagined. Please pray for them and for the pilot's family. I would also encourage you to visit their website at www.giveadamndoc.com to learn more about the project.

I've refrained from commenting on the death of Michael Jackson until now because there has just been way too much media coverage. But, as expected, all the greedy slimeballs are now coming out of the woodwork trying to claim their stake in his estate. It's really sad to see the lengths some people will to go for money. Especially those that are using his kids as a means to that money. Jackson was definitely a flawed individual with some serious issues, of which I'm sure we will never really know the full extent. And while it doesn't excuse it, let's face it he didn't exactly have a normal and happy childhood. I just hope everyone will leave his kids alone and let them grow up out of the spotlight, like he never had a chance to do. I know, again, I'm dreaming.

But enough of all the crazy stuff going on in the world. It's football season and I for one am ready. Go St. Louis Rams, Go Missouri Tigers, Go Parkway South Junior Patriots (C's team), Go Purple Sox (OK that one is S's softball team), and Go M's dance group.

God Bless.