Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look Out....Government to the Rescue!

Well, for those of you who still think Obama is not a socialist at heart, I challenge you to listen to the “Only Government” speech he made last week and still try to defend that position. For those who didn’t hear it, essentially, Obama stated in a speech on the economy that only the government can fix the economic problems we are currently facing in the US. He emphasized this phrase several times throughout the speech to make his position very clear.

Really, only the government is capable of fixing this problem? So instead of relying on the foundations this country was built upon, private enterprise working in a free market, we are to believe that only our “wise and benevolent” federal government will be able to fix things. We are just mere children that couldn’t possibly understand what to do with such a complex problem. We must be taken care of and told what to do.

Have you ever actually seen how this government fixes things? Their answer is typically to throw more and more money at a problem without really looking at the root causes. I’m reminded of the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Keep in mind also that these are the same people that helped get us into this mess in the first place through failed policies. Seriously, what rational person forces banks to loan money to people that cannot afford to pay it back? Then when the bank inevitably ends up in financial trouble, decides to give them money with no strings attached. This is our money mind you, not the government’s. Kind of sounds like hush money to me. “Please don’t tell anyone we strong armed you to do this, oh, and by the way here’s $700 Billion of someone else’s money for your trouble.”

I was initially encouraged when I saw who Obama selected as his economic team. It appeared as though he was moving to the center. However, after hearing this speech, I’m beginning to wonder if he was just throwing a bone to those of us in this country who are more conservative, but really plans to govern from the left. I happen to believe that what he said in this speech is what he really believes based on his record in the Senate and other speeches he has made. I suppose it’s possible that he was only stating it in this manner to appease the Left, but I have my doubts.

Only time will truly tell if he will choose to govern more from the center or to the far left. I’m hoping the team of advisors he has in place will influence him to stay in the center and keep the government out of our lives. If not, we may not recognize this country in four years.

God Bless.


Tony C said...

More/bigger government is not the answer. The free enterprise system can only thrive and succeed if it's truly free to run through cycles...with government intervention.

Great post.

Dave said...

I completely agree, Tony. I think I'm just as concerned, if not more so, by the fact that Obama believes that more government is the only solution. Talk about an elitist attitude.