Thursday, January 1, 2009

Is it really 2009 already? Where is my Jetson's car?

It's really hard to believe that it's the year 2009. I can remember as a kid in the late 70's thinking that the year 2000 seemed so far away, let alone the year 2009. I grew up watching movies like 2001 and TV shows like Space 1999 and the Jetsons and it seemed like that was so far in the future and that we would surely be traveling the stars and have flying cars by then. I've always wanted a flying car. While we have made some incredible technological advancements, we haven't quite made it that far yet.

I do find it interesting that throughout the thousands of years of human history, there was maybe one or two significant advancements a century, but in the last two hundred years there have been sometimes one or more a month or even week. We almost seem to be advancing at an exponential rate. But while we are advancing technologically, are we really advancing from a sociological and spiritual standpoint?

While the beginning of each year brings a new hope, I was reminded first thing this morning that we are still a fallen and sinful people who continually find new ways to hate and harm each other. As I turned the news on this morning (my first mistake) and saw the news of the bombings in Gaza, that hope was almost dashed. Here we go again, the same old story. But at the same time I was reminded that God is sovereign and has provided us a means to salvation and has promised that He would return to restore all things to the way they were intended to be from the beginning.

While God has given the human race the ability to advance technologically through the study of science, He has also given us the ability to grow spiritually by trusting in His Son and the sacrifice He made on the cross. As long as our hope is in God, we need not be discouraged. None of us know when Jesus will return, but we know God keeps His promises and therefore, no matter how bad things get, we know He has a plan and sees things from an eternal perspective rather than our limited view.

In the meantime we should enjoy the world He created and the technology He gave us the ability to create. I pray that we never lose that childhood hopefulness of the good things we dreamt about when we were young as I believe those are from God as well. Who knows, perhaps someday I'll get my flying car. You never know.

God Bless.

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