Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The 2nd Presidential Debate

Well, that was disappointing. It sounded more like both candidates typical stump speeches. Nothing really new was disclosed and no real details were provided. I'm still a McCain supporter, basically because I think Obama's economic plan will only further drive the economy into the ground and because of Obama's position on abortion, but McCain did nothing to get me excited to vote for him. In fact, he seemed to drop a rather large bomb by implying that he would put forth a new plan for the government to buy up all the bad mortgages to the tune of $300 billion. The way he presented it was as if this would be in addition to the $700 billion bailout already passed. I thought McCain was the conservative candidate? He sounds more like a socialist to me on this issue.

As I've written in a previous blog, I am totally opposed to the bailout. It was supposed to prevent the economy from tanking, but, as I predicted, the economy tanked anyway. The last thing I wanted to hear was that we could expect more of those types of policies with a McCain administration. I still think McCain is the better choice, but this does concern me.

This election, as with all elections, is critically important to the future of our nation. We are on the edge of an economic disaster, we are in the middle of a war that has been mishandled from the start and have no clear way out, and government spending continues to grow out of control. We need a strong leader and I'm not sure either of these candidates really fits the bill. Perhaps our focus should be on the local and state level. We need people at all levels of government that are willing to tackle these issues from a common sense standpoint.

Hopefully the next debate will be a little more enlightening. McCain needs to strike a knockout punch if he hopes to win in November. He certainly didn't do that tonight and in fact he gave some of us, his supporters, cause for concern.

God Bless.

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Tony C said...

R's blaming D's and D's blaming R's. It gets old.

I'm with you on McCain. The better choice for the times. I do question his VP pick. Nice lady...wrong choice.

Did McCain contradict himself? He blamed the D's for making bad loans through Fannie and Freddy, then drops a bomb (no pun there)by saying he wants $300 billion more to cover the bad loans. ????

I'm a big advocate for term limits in Congress.