Saturday, September 6, 2008

My First Blog

Welcome to my blog. This is the first one I’ve ever written and I’m excited to join the blogosphere. I have many interests and look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics. The topics will likely be all over the map depending on what’s on my mind on any particular day. Some may be deep, serious issues; others may just be mindless or random thoughts.

Here is a little background on me that will give you an idea about my interests. I’m 36 years old and live in the St. Louis, MO area. I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for 15 years and we have 3 wonderful children. I have a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA. I’ve been in the insurance industry for the last 12 years and am a commercial insurance broker, primarily working with large general commercial contractors.

I’m a Christian and have attended a Presbyterian church for the last 12 years. I was raised in the Assemblies of God, but as I got older I found myself moving away from the doctrine of the AG and toward a reformed theology. I now consider myself a Calvinist for the most part.

I tend to be fairly conservative politically, but consider myself an independent since I don’t completely align with the Republican Party on every issue. I am a total political junkie, much to my wife’s dismay.

I am very interested in social justice and environmental issues and the church’s responsibility in these areas.

I’m a huge sports fan, especially football and any sport my children are involved in. My son plays football, my oldest daughter plays softball, and both of my daughters are involved in gymnastics. I love to play basketball, tennis, hike, run, mountain bike, and train with my kids in their various sports.

I also love travel, music (all kinds), movies, theology, reading, art, history, nutrition, and hanging out with my family. I’m sure there is more, but that’s enough autobiography for now.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and I absolutely love to debate, so please feel free to leave comments.

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