Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Thoughts on the Election

The bickering continues. The Left seems determined to destroy Sarah Palin simply because she is a conservative, Christian woman and the Right seems determined to destroy Obama simply because he is a liberal. I don't have a problem with challenging someone on their position on the issues, but when one side starts going after the others' family or simply making stuff up about the other candidate, that just shows they don't have any ideas of their own. A candidate should give you a reason to vote for them, not against someone else.

Remember how the Left loved McCain when he was running against Bush in 2000 because he was a maverick republican. Now the same people state a McCain administration will be another 4 years of failed Bush policies and they suddenly don’t like him anymore. This strict adherence to a political party drives such hypocrisy it’s no wonder nothing ever gets fixed in this country. I just want to see both sides have an honest debate about what they truly believe and present their plan to the nation without all the personal attacks and rhetoric. Then let the American people make a reasoned decision based on that.

Unfortunately, I think many Americans are more interested in the celebrity gossip and name calling than an actual discussion of the issues. If both candidates and their spokespeople would agree to not engage in this kind of rhetoric and simply stick to the issues, I’m sure the ratings of all the network and cable news shows would decline, but at least we would know what they really believed and then those that voted would be the people that are actually familiar with the issues and have made a reasoned decision.

I’m really disturbed by the fact that many people will vote for Obama simply because he is a great speaker or that many will vote for McCain simply because of his military service and the sacrifice he made for our nation. These are fine qualities to be sure, but not a reason to vote for someone. I love to listen to Obama speak and it would be refreshing to have a president that can put two sentences together. And McCain’s story is amazing and I would be proud to have a man like that as president of the United States. However, we should never vote for someone without truly understanding their position on the issues and unfortunately we just don’t get enough of that.

The hundreds of millions of dollars that are wasted on this kind of campaigning is just sickening. What I would like to see is both candidates travel around the country together engaging in civil debates where people from all sides of the isle are invited to participate. Some could be more formal debates, while others more of a town hall format. Eliminate the personal attach ads and simply produce ads that state the candidates position on issues and their vision for the country. Campaigns could be run on a third of what they are now and that money could instead be better spent on things that would actually help people.

I realize this may just be my idealism talking, but I can’t help for longing for something better than we currently have.

God Bless.

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