Saturday, September 20, 2008

God's Provision

I was reminded again today of how merciful God truly is to us. It's amazing how He provides us with what we need even in the small things in life. We were on our way to my son's football game today, which happened to be an away game about 20 miles from our house, when we ran over something on the road and ended up with a flat tire. By God's grace, his coach happened to be in the car behind us and saw what happened. When we pulled over, he pulled over with us. It turned out that at that point the tire was not flat, but had a large screw in it. We decided to head on to the game and get the tire fixed afterward since the hole seemed to be sealed by the screw. However, just in case it went flat on the way we decided it would be best for my son to ride with his coach figuring that if something happened he could still get there in time for warm ups.

This turned out to be the right decision since we got about another mile and the tire went completely flat and we pulled into a Walgreen's parking lot. When I got ready to change the tire I realized that my jack was missing (still not sure what happened to it). Again God provided. My wife went in to see if anyone in Walgreens had a jack we could borrow. While she was inside, a young girl, who had had a flat a few days before, came over and offered for us to use her jack. Shortly after that my wife came out with someone else who also had a jack and offered to help. Between the whole group, we had the tire changed in about 5 minutes and we were on our way to the game. We even ended up getting there 15 minutes before kickoff. Had my son stayed with us he would have missed 45 minutes of his warm up.

After the game we found an auto and tire shop that was open and had the tire fixed in about 20 minutes. I know this was not some earth shattering event in the whole scheme of things and we've certainly dealt with some much bigger issues over the last year, but it was just so evident to all of us to see God's provision every step of the way. I'm reminded as I write this that if God is so faithful in these small things in our lives, how much more so in the larger things.

This certainly doesn't mean that things always turn out the way we would like or that life is not difficult, because it certainly is very difficult at times. Sometimes we wonder why God allows bad or even terrible things to happen to us and often there is no explanation. But God does not promise us that we will never go through hard and painful times, in fact the Bible clearly states that we will, but He has promised that He will always be with us as we go through the dark times of our life. When we go through these times we should remember back to the times when God provided in the past and trust that He will provide for us again. God is always faithful even in the midst of our doubt.

God Bless.

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